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Hike. Run. Eat. Travel. Live.
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    I woke up this morning in Colorado sick and congested and ready for Indian food to decongest my painful sinuses. What better thing to do on a Tuesday evening then attend homemade authentic Paratha making class?  My boyfriend’s mother is traveling with us for three weeks from our home in southern California to Lake Powell …

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    Three years ago I thought of pickle hand in hand with burgers. This was three years prior to trying my first fresh baked parathas on the cow dung filled streets of Bangalore. In the month we spent in Bangalore, I picked my way amid the piles of trash on every street corner and yes maybe …

    The post Ginger Garlic Pickle, Bangalore Style appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    There are a lot of odd things about Southern California but one of the top ones is that people who live in smoggy, hot, humid Southern California rarely leave. Myself I don’t get it, why not escape from this barren desert as often as possible? We have many municipal airports at our disposal. Here in the …

    The post On Walkabout in the Great Southwest appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    Colorado is terrifying. I have literally been about to shit myself half of this gorgeous green cowboy and cow horse filled state. In between hikes up 12,000 foot mountain passes and glorious meals of Indian food delights, we decided to take the 35 foot RV up and over Monarch Pass. I seriously can not even …

    The post Once Upon a Time at the Monarch Pass appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    I don’t think I have ever prayed as much in my life as when we were driving through Monarch Pass in Colorado in our 35 foot RV. “Please God, let there be guard rails” Our day of RVing through Colorado was supposed to be fun and easy and only a 4 hour drive! Well that …

    The post Please God, Let there be Guard Rails appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    Yes, it is official, I have become that crazy cat lady! I just made home made cat food. I have a very good reason. My one cat is super sensitive and has horrible allergies so I’m switching him over to holistic cat food and also starting to make some of his food from scratch with …

    The post Home Made Chicken Liver, Sweet Potato and Spinach Cat Food! appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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      As far as Carly is concerned this is our tent. Carly has farted all over this Coleman pop up tent in nearly every campsite in the eastern sierras. Carly has definitely left her mark on our Coleman pop up tent and if you ask this little pugle this is Carly’s tent. So this morning …

    The post Carly and her Coleman Pop Up Tent  appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    I’ve put these boots through a hell of a lot. It’s fitting that instead of throwing them out I decided to upcycle them and make them into a whole new boot. Yea for leather restoration. I love recycling clothing, boots included. In order to live a sustainable lifestyle sometimes you have to give boots a …

    The post These Boots are Once Again Made for Walking appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    It was after dinner and I was working on masking the left side of the house, part of my week long painting project. We were getting ready to watch one of our T.V. shows and honestly go to bed soon after a depressing day of horse racing where we watched the best horse in the …

    The post How to have a Good Time in a Small Town appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    It kills me to say it but this pup is on lockdown. All because of the asshole of the forest, the majestic Western Timber Rattlesnake. Yes, today we marked the beginning of summer, I mean rattlesnake season, here in our home in the San Bernardino Mountains. We saw not one, but two angry as fuck rattlers …

    The post Keeping Fido Safe From Rattlesnakes appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    Today I biked twenty miles on a Tuesday. I am so blessed that I can commit a few hours on some days to a amazing mountain bike ride on a gorgeous spring day. I’m also blessed that although I hurt my ankle the damages were minimal and I was able to enjoy this lakeside view …

    The post Baked Meyer Lemon Zucchini Donuts appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    We drove 2000 miles staring at this RV dash and the shoddy job I did repairing it on our California to Yellowstone Road Trip. This shoddy RV dash repair was time-consuming as I started over at least six times before giving up and calling in the advice of an expert. Luckily I call one of …

    The post Repairing an RV Dash, The Easy Way! appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    “Who wants to go camping in Pomona?” I must really love this man of mine because he convinced me to camp in the gangs and smog capital of sunny east Los Angeles in the hottest weekend in September, Labor Day weekend, 2017. Yes as we made our way out of the rainy thunderstorm mountains where …

    The post Kamp Ground of America My Ass appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    If there is anything that could possibly make pork anymore tasty than it has to be the combination of Sriracha Sauce and pork. I have been making Srircha Bacon Jerky for a few years now and it is so delicious my boyfriend and I could literally eat the whole batch in one setting. We don’t though, …

    The post Spicy and Sweet Sriracha Pork Ribs appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    The first time we put gas in our new but actually old RV the pump switched off at one hundred dollars. Well this was one of many new experiences into the RV world. Did you know most credit card companies will only let you buy one hundred dollars worth of gas at a gas station? …

    The post How to Spruce up an Old RV on a Budget appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    Nothing says hot summer days like BBQ and coleslaw. Or maybe 108 degree heat and humidity and thunderstorms. 108 heat is exactly why I chose not to drive down into the smoggy, humid hot and muggy valley today even though I’m dying to drive 100 miles to the west to Artesia, our local authentic all …

    The post Pineapple, Pomegranate, Greek Yogurt and Mint Coleslaw appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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    This morning was supposed to be a relaxing a.m. full of deserted sandy beaches and California’s cloud studded blue skies. I was supposed to sit on the beach in my decrepit Tommy Bahamas beach chair and read my book as dolphins frolicked in the Pacific Ocean.  I was going to eat one of my favorite healthy or …

    The post A day in the OC. Tips on Recycled Fashion & Delicious Foods. And Fish Poo Stew appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.

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  • 09/18/17--09:34: Meyer Lemon Zucchini Bread
  • Today I realized I am no longer a beginner mountain biker. I may ride my brand new Cannondale mountain bike exceptionally slow on all the dirt fire roads I can find because let me tell you, I learned the hard way, you know what is really not fun? Flying over the handle bars! Nope! But …

    The post Meyer Lemon Zucchini Bread appeared first on The Hungry Mountaineer.